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About Us

Established in 1983, WWiN provides accessible community-based services to women and children at risk of, or suffering, abuse.  As a full member of the Women’s Aid Federation England (WAFE) we are part of a national network of providers working together to ensure safe spaces for families in need.  This means we accept referrals from across Wearside, but also women and children who need to escape to safety away from their local area.

The need for services: In 2020/21 we received 2,769 referrals and responded to 1,330 helpline enquiries.

Our refuges accommodated 72 women and 62 children.

Domestic abuse affects 1 in 4 women in their lifetime - it touches most of us in some way –  mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, work colleagues or neighbours.  If you want to help us make a difference see our ‘Support Us’ page.

Our Purpose

  • To deliver accessible, effective, specialist services that are informed by service users’ experiences.

  • To challenge inequality in access to safety, justice, health and wellbeing.

  • To campaign for social change, including shaping future policy and practice.

  • To work with communities through education and engagement to create a cultural shift in attitudes to domestic abuse, and better equip families to protect themselves.

Our Values

As a feminist organisation, our approach is rooted in an understanding of the gendered nature of violence against women and girls, and recognises the way factors such as age, ethnicity, sexuality and disability can affect women’s experiences.


Women and children have a right to live free from all forms of violence and abuse, and society has a duty to recognise and defend this right. WWiN works collaboratively with a wide range of partners to support women and children.

Our underpinning values are:

  • Equality – we challenge the imbalances of power which cause and legitimise violence against women and girls.

  • Diversity – we promote the importance of different social identities and experiences.

  • Empowerment – we support all women to speak out and make choices.

  • Transformation – we strive to create a society where violence against women is no longer tolerated.

Equality    Diversity    Empowerment    Transformation

Our Mission

Our Mission is to tackle all forms of violence and abuse against women and children through the delivery of specialist support services, education, advocacy and through influencing and advocating for social change.  We are committed to safeguarding families, strengthening communities and challenging inequalities

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Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to end all forms of violence and abuse against women and girls.

Want to support this work? We would welcome your donation and thank you for caring.

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