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A Poem from One of Our Women

All Fair in Love and War?

Changing goalposts and shifting sands.

I've cried a waterfall of tears

As my marriage slipped through my hands.

Like something in a dream you just can't catch.

I'd lost who I was, who I started out as.

My friends would ask "where's the sparkle from your eyes?"

Those eyes once a raging river that have all but run dry.

For when the rules keep changing

It's not a game you can win.

But I've had enough now anyway

I've taken my ball in.

He wanted 50:50, an even playing field.

But when he is ALL the players, the ref and the chairman

It wasn't a ball I needed, it was armour and a shield.

I'd grown battle weary and could take no more.

So I've stopped playing his game

I'd lost count of the score.

Cos my life's not a game, I'll get no more chances.

I'm playing solo now with no one to answer.

No husband's raging demands, no more down trodden wife.

I've got back my sparkle,

And guess what?

I'm in love ...... with my life.

Take care and stay safe

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