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Clare's Law

Have you used 'Clare's Law' - the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS)?

This law lets you find out about someone you are in a relationship with. You can ask the police if the person has a criminal record or if they might be dangerous. You can ask the police if you think that you, or someone you know, might be at risk.

Would you be interested in participating in a research project exploring victims/survivors experiences of Clare’s Law?

We are university researchers. Researchers ask people questions to find out new information. Our names are Charlotte, Sandra and Nicole.

The aim of the project is to explore victim/survivor experience of DVDS - Clare’s Law. We are interested in speaking with women who have used Clare’s Law. This would involve an online video or telephone call for up to 60 minutes at a time and date that is suitable for you.

If you are interested in being involved in the project or you would like to find out more information, you can:

• Visit the project website: • Email Charlotte Barlow: • Follow the project @projectclarelaw

You can also complete our survey for victims/survivors, and professionals/organizations.

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