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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

WWiN is dedicated to supporting people who are at risk of, or suffering, domestic abuse. We know that Covid-19 restrictions have had serious impacts on the lives of women and children. We fully recognise the enhanced risk and hardship that restrictions are putting upon women and children in abusive and controlling relationships and are working hard to develop solutions.

Unfortunately, home is not a safe place for everyone. We are making every effort to keep our crisis services as accessible as possible to those who need them. All our services are currently open. We are reviewing all services on a regular basis and are following current local and national government guidelines to keep our staff and service users safe.

We are limiting all non-essential visits to our refuges and central office. As such, we cannot currently accept donations of goods and essential items from the community. If anyone would like to support our work during this time a financial donation would be gratefully received and can be made via our website.

Regards the new legal duty to self-isolate if instructed to do so by a contact tracer. There are legal exemptions to this for those in the following circumstances:

  • To escape harm

  • To access critical services (including services provided to victims)

  • To seek urgent medical assistance

  • To move to a different place to isolate where it becomes impracticable for you to remain at your current address

Our 24-hour helpline is open. Our advisors offer confidential, non-judgemental support and information to survivors, anyone experiencing domestic abuse, and their friends and families. We are requesting that this is only used by people needing direct support (not for general enquiries) to keep the line open for those most in need. You can contact our staff on the usual office numbers if you need to speak to anyone at WWiN for other reasons.

Our plea to everyone during this difficult time, is to be vigilant and look after the people around you. The role of communities, family and friends is now more important than ever. Check in with your friends, families and neighbours, whilst respecting current guidance from Public Health. If you have concerns, report them to the police – all police referrals are assessed and forwarded on to support services.

Keep Safe – and help keep others safe.

WWIN Contact

Head Office: 0191 416 3550

Outreach Services: 0191 565 8877

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, Friday 9am to 4.30pm

24-Hour Helpline: 0800 066 5555

Online WebChat on this site: Mon to Fri 10am-12noon

If you think you or someone else might be in danger you should always call the police immediately on 999.

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